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Arihant Air Service is one of the fastest growing aviation companies in India which guide students to make their career in aviation industry.

India is the fastest growing aviation market in the world. There is hues demand of skilled persons in aviation industry. According Centre for Asia Pacific aviation (CAPA) Indian Aviation industry is suffering from shortage of skilled personas.

AAS understands the lake of awareness in Indian students about aviation industry. Lots of students did not have knowledge that how to make career in aviation industry. There is lots of career like Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), Pilot, Crew members, Aeronautical Engineer and Aerospace Engineer.

AAS take the responsibility to create awareness in students regarding career in aviation industry. So student can choose their career in aviation industry.

Generally, the AME trained / pass-out candidates are suffering to get a suitable job for their qualification. Hence this portal is made for easy interface between the Job seeking candidate and Job provider companies.

The main profiles for AME passed candidates are as below:

Placement Form

1) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

2) CAM

3) Quality Control

4) Planning & Logistics

5) Aircraft Tool & equipment Store

6) Parts procurement

7) AME Training Institutes

8) Ramp Staff

9) Aircraft Operation Manager

Job Descriptions

1) Aircraft Maintenance Engineer:

2) Base Maintenance Engineer:

3) Line Maintenance Engineer:

4) Technician:

5) Shop In-charge:

6) Cabin Maintenance Engineer


Within the CAMO department, the Maintenance Planning Group has a range of responsibilities including:

8) Planning & Logistics

9) Quality Control

10) Nodal officer

11) Store In-charge:

12) AME Training Instructor

13) Training Manager:

14) Practical Assessor

15) Examiner

16) Ramp Officer

17) Operation Manager